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Best Aromatherapy Oils Dec 2017

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Guide To Buying Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy has been in practice for centuries and is considered as an effective remedy for numerous health complications. Aromatherapy oils, otherwise known as essential oils, are the base for aromatherapy since you can’t do the therapy without them.

According to the philosophy associated with aromatherapy, the pleasant scent of the oils has a positive effect on a patient’s mind. This promotes the activation of the body’s defense mechanism, resulting in an effective cure for various diseases related to the body and mind.

There are hundreds of aromatherapy oils out there, each with their unique health benefits. Hence, you need to ensure that you get the most effective oil for your specific condition.

Valuable Tips for Buying the Best Aromatherapy Oil

  1. Always Buy From Reputable Sellers

It is imperative that you only use pure, natural aromatherapy oils to uphold good health. Some unscrupulous sellers are known to dilute aromatherapy oils, thereby compromising their integrity and efficiency.

Likewise, avoid buying the oils from sellers that can’t provide the aromatherapy oil’s botanical name, place of origin, or extraction method. A reputable seller should realize the significance of automatically including these details. For instance, the country of origin of aromatherapy oil is significant because the climatic and soil conditions can affect the oil’s properties.

  1. Look Out for Words Like “Fragrance oil” and “Perfume oil”

These words indicate that the product you’re about to buy is not a pure aromatherapy oil. In fact, fragrance oils can be a mixture of chemicals and essential oils or simply plain chemicals. Some companies label perfume oils and fragrance oils as being appropriate for aromatherapy. Therefore, you should be aware of companies and sellers who wrongly use the term “aromatherapy” for their own selfish gains.

  1. Labels Speak Volumes about a Product

A lot of information on the product label is a good sign. Labels of aromatherapy oils normally bear the common and Latin names of the source plant, the country of origin, the production method, as well as an ingredients list. Usage instructions, cautions, as well as recommended uses may also be included on the label.

You should be cautious about buying oils that have scanty information on the labels. Likewise, avoid any oil whose ingredients list includes perfume or fragrance since you can’t tell if it’s pure or fake.

  1. Aromatherapy Oils Should be in A Dark Glass

There are numerous oils out there packaged in plastic bottles. You should realize that aromatherapy oils are so powerful that they can melt plastic. This means that any aromatherapy oil being sold in a plastic bottle is a fake. Conversely, glass is inert and is not affected by genuine aromatherapy oils.

Moreover, aromatherapy oils are quite volatile. Namely, heat and Ultra Violet radiation can easily break them down. In that light, it is imperative that these oils are packaged in dark colored containers. The common colors of glass bottles are blue, amber, and green.

Five of the Best Aromatherapy Oils

While there are hundreds of aromatherapy oils available on the market today, here are five of the most potent ones that you can choose from:


Lavender oil is extremely invigorating, thanks to its delectable, fresh floral scent. Besides its remarkable smell, it’s also the most versatile aromatherapy oil you can get. Therapeutically, this potent aromatherapy oil has a calming effect that is extremely beneficial for individuals suffering from anxiety.

Medicinally, lavender oil is an effective antiseptic and pain reliever. You can use it to ease muscle and joint pain, insect bites, as well as minor burns. The amazing smell of lavender is also great for shavasana during yoga session – a single breath delivers unmatched bliss.


Eucalyptus oil boasts an extremely fresh and clean smell that will definitely open your airways up. It has potent antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. It is ideal for respiratory issues such as coughs, colds, congestion, and asthma. You can also use it in the case of dental care, skin care, mental fatigue, muscle pain, and wounds.

Whenever you feel congested, just put some drops of eucalyptus oil in a hot bath and soak in it. It will effectively clear your nasal passages up.


Composed mainly of menthol, peppermint oil has an extremely invigorating, yet calming scent. Its most remarkable feature is that it effectively arouses one’s mental sharpness. What’s more,  you can use peppermint oil to ease congestion, migraines, headaches, digestive complications, and painful muscles.

To relieve a headache, for instance, simply rub some peppermint oil on your temples. Likewise, you can ease muscle soreness by mixing it with some carrier oil and rubbing in onto the affected area.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine. This oil boasts astringent properties that are beneficial for oily skin and scalp problems. Tea tree oil also contains terpinene, which is effective in soothing minor wounds. To effectively clean and improve the health of your scalp, for instance, simply add some drops of the oil to your shampoo before washing.


Lemon oil has an enriching and fresh aroma, which is effective in eliminating bad vibes as well as increasing concentration and mental alertness. It also has antifungal and antiseptic properties. Hence, it is an excellent remedy for cuts, scrapes, and other open wounds. Whenever you feel low and uninspired, just rub some lemon oil drops on your throat and chest to heighten your moods in a flash!

Remember, these are just a few of the aromatherapy oils that are available. Consider doing an extensive research to get one that suits your needs the best. When you are buying or using aromatherapy oils, always make sure that they are 100% pure.

It is also advisable to dilute aromatherapy oils with carrier oils or water. This will depend on what you intend to use the aromatherapy oil for. Also, consider seeking you doctor’s opinion before using any of these oils.